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register dguard®


If you have already received your dguard® , please note the following steps in order to activate your ​dguard® successfully. 


  •  1. Create a customer account in the shop. If you already have an account, continue with step 2.  
  •  2. Register in the shop.
  •  3. Select the menu option "My usage licence" on the left.
  •  4. Under product, click on dguard®
  •  5. Then click on Register device .  
  •  6. Enter the serial number and ICCID (Integrated Circuit Card Identifier) here.
         Both numbers can be found on the device label on the dguard module.
  •  7. Follow the further instructions for the registration process.
  •  8. For physical installation, the PDF Download dguard® installation and user manual  will help you further.


If you do not have a dguard® system yet you can order it here in the Digades shop now. The delivery time is 12 days.