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dfreeeze® professional

The App to Warm Up Your Car

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What is dfreeeze® professional?

With dfreeeze® you can control your preheater via the dfreeeze® app.

Easily control remote your preheater via app – every time and everywhere.
dfreeeze® is using latest mobile phone technology and thereby it performs as safely,
easily and fast as your good old remote control.

With dfreeeze® professional you get the installation kit inclusive the temperature sensor.

An additional licence (flatrate) for two years is also included.

TabletPC & Mac

  • start and stop your preheater
  • choose the start and run time as needed
  • switch between heating*, ventilation* or automatic
  • check the status and the temperature (with additional temperature sensor)
  • access control via D200 phone number and PIN
*: switching between heating and ventilation is not supported for all preheaters, more information on

Advantages of the app

Easy controlling via the dfreeeze® app

  • Available on ions, Android and as web app on any smartphone, tablet or PC
  • Modern design with OS-specific usability
  • Intuitive administration of multiple preheaters
  • Flexible navigation through selectable entry screen
  • fast, direct control of the preheater through a widget (only on Android)
  • Flexible localization


dfreeeze® App

Product description

The retrofit system


What do I use the dfreeeze® app for?

With the dfreeeze® app you control your preheater via smartphone, tablet, Mac or PC. No Matter, where your car is parking.

With dfreeeze® you have always a pleasant temperature in your car.
You are able to turn on and off, to program and to request the latest status of your preheater.
Due to the ventilation function you can acclimatise the interior of your car in the warm months.



On which systems can I use the dfreeeze® app?

You can control your dfreeeze® system via app with your:

Smartphone, tablet or computer


  • dfreeeze® app:  available on iOS, Android and as web app on any smartphone,
    tablet or PC
  • quick and easy control and direct operation of the preheater via widget on the home screen (only Android)
  • Intuitive administration of multiple preheaters
  • Flexible navigation through selectable entry screen
  • Modern design with OS-specific usability



Control of multiple preheaters by multiple users

Are there multiple preheaters in your household or your company?
That is no problem for dfreeeze
®: You can address each preheater which is equipped with a dfreeeze® receiver in your car pool.

Controlling a preheater by multiple users is also no problem.




What do I need for this?

The dfreeeze®  system consists of the components:

1. The dfreeeze® hardware including mounting material an additional connectors

The receiver for controlling your preheater has to be installed in your car.
The dfreeeze® system can control various preheaters.
Please ask your car workshop or
the dfreeeze® customer support for further details.

dfreeeze® Empfänger 


2. The free dfreeeze® app:

Via app you control your dfreeeze® receiver. Here you can choose between
the options control (on/off), programming, request status and settings.
Free available in your app store.

3. dfreeeze® licence:

You pay (depending on design) after the fist or second year an annual fee for using the dfreeeze® system.
More information you can find at


-40 °C bis + 105 °C
Life time
17 years

 App server
98,5 %
 Payment portal
99,9 %


Your advantages with dfreeeze®

Frozen and misty windscreens coupled with restricted view of the road and road users are the causes for many accidents in winter.

That is not necessary:
dfreeeze® helps you to start your car’s preheater always and everywhere. Be it in the morning at breakfast, in the evening at the office or while meeting your friends in the restaurant:

It is not necessary to walk out of the door to activate the preheater with you remote control. A click in the app is enough.

  • More security in winter due to clear windscreens
  • Reduction of fuel consumption
  • No motor-unfriendly cold starts anymore
  • Reduction of hydrocarbon and carbon monoxide in fumes
  • no more ice scrapping
  • always preheated interior


dfreeeze® combines the newest and the well-tried mobile phone technology and thereby it is as safe, fast and easy as the good old remote control, by the way, even on overload of mobile phone network.

The components at a glance

  • dfreeeze® app: the preheater is controlled via app.

  • dfreeeze® receiver:  You need an installed dfreeeze® mobile phone receiver in your car too.
    Communicate with the preheater via app. If you need help with the installation take advice at the independent workshop of your trust or at your VW Partner.

  • dfreeeze® licence: For using the dfreeeze® system an annual user licence is necessary. You get it for 19,90 EUR.

dfreeeze® light Lieferumfang

Product contents

Product contents dfreeeze® professional

Control your preheater always and everywhere conveniently via app.
Not matter, whether at breakfast, at office or on thy way from airport to parking spot.

In dfreeeze® product contents are the following
components included:

  • 2-year licence (each additional year costs 19.90 EUR)
  • dfreeeze® temperature sensor
  • dfreeeze® receiver with integrated SIM chip
  • GSM-antenna
  • adapter cable (cable harness)
  • 1 connector housing model "VW"
  • 1 socket housing model "VW"
  • fastening set
  • installation guide and user manual


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dfreeeze® professional dfreeeze® professional

The App to Warm up Your Car

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